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Silhouette International and Silhouette Int'l, LLC

We value your trust in Silhouette International and Silhouette Int'l, LLC where we do our best to give the best services that business deserves.

We, a licensed establishment and limited liability company since 1990 with strong standing, and our branches are in:
     - Lebanon, Beirut
     - USA, Delaware

and welcome all in our offices for local and international:

1. Trading:
MAYŽ products.

2. General services and facilities:
- Market study,
- Business consultancy and a temporary administration,
- Guidance services to foreigners to: Art, entertainment, education, shopping and businesses,
- Presenting proficiency vitae for employment,
- Travel and transportation arrangements,
- Planning between: Investors and beneficiaries (in an investment project), buyers and sellers (contract deal), ...

3. Import and export:
All types of products according to the markets demands.

4. Organization:
Exhibitions, activities, events and courses.

5. Advertising and internet services:
- Bulk E-mail,
- SMS,
- Website and mobile apps: Design and development, domain registration, web hosting and e-commerce.

6. Marketing plans for products:
Support the new product in the new market with traders, importers, exporters, distributors, investors, commission agents, franchisers, brokers, wholesalers, contractors, industries, business developers and much more ... to meet success and acceptance in very short time.

7. Commissions:
Permitted to all business deals as a third party between buyers and sellers.

We are here to assist you 24/7