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silhouette international brings you ultra-easy HTML email and newsletter campaigns Imagine creating an email campaign that connects you to your customers at the touch of a button. Picture growing a permission-based list of recipients that only features customers interested in what you have to say. At silhouette international, we’ve taken the headache out of email marketing, saving you time and money with our powerful, stress free, affordable email campaign tools.

There’s a reason why the site Top-Ten-Sites made us the number one email marketing pick for 2006, 2007 and 2008. Here are just a few reasons why we feel silhouette is the very best service:

It’s no mystery why bulk emailing has become so popular in the business world. As an advertising and promotional vehicle, it far outscores television, radio or print ads in both return on investment and personalization. At silhouette international, sending an email costs pennies on the dollar and we feature price plans that start at just $60. Why splash out hundreds or thousands of dollars on newspaper ads or local television commercials when you can‘t accurately measure results? Sending emails is not just easier on the wallet, it takes away the guesswork of just how financially successful your promotional campaigns really are.