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silhouette international provide SMS solutions to individual, company executive, working people and small businesses as communication and marketing tools to keep in touch with their customers, colleagues, bosses, dispatch units, sales reps, suppliers or even their friends.

For companies and enterprises (like event organizers, travel agency/airlines, product distributors, direct marketing, insurance, courier services, hotels and Resorts) that need SMS (Short Message Service) technology to improve their businesses thru mobile marketing, customer relationship management and field force automation we provide a solution which allows them to send large volume of SMS while providing the necessary administrative controls.

Enterprises can use these SMS solutions for:

1.    Office automation alerts a person or groups on meetings, events, personals, email, and appointments.
2.    SMS marketing stock alerts, price alerts, delivery status updates, forecasts, meeting reminders and SMS scheduler.
3.    CRM & billing SMS incentives, contests, sale and discounts alerts, coupons, bookings, ordering and payment reminders.
4.    Support and dispatch send precise address and contact information, job status updates, location updates and job re-routing.
5.    Projects schedule changes and project milestones.
6.    SMS based sales reporting system.
7.    SMS based stock/order-reporting system.