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At silhouette international, helping make you successful is what makes us successful. And you will benefit from having a team of top developers with long-time, worldwide experience in the Internet industry working on your project.
Throughout the development phases, we keep close contact with you, putting your ideas and desires into life in record time, and using our experience to suggest new ways of improving your e-business.
Below you will find the
silhouette international Web Development Model, a structured plan ranging from the planning and scheduling of a new Web business, to the completion of the design and programming.

E-Business Planning
Once your company has decided to go online,
silhouette international will first try to find the best ways to make you increase sales and profit, after the site is launched. We think corporate - from concept to marketing, and everything in between.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting
We will check your desired Domain Name and register it for you. We can also register additional Domain Names for your company. Then, we can also find the right Web Hosting company according to your site's needs.

Site Design
Your Web site must be convincing and credible to viewers if it is to be taken seriously. At
silhouette international, we design with an eye not just to color and graphics, but to the objectives of the site. This means achieving a high end "look and feel" design appropriate not just for your company, but for a strong Internet presence. We design for maximum graphic impact, easy navigation, and optimum ranking in the major search engines. Our layouts are consistent through the site and original.

Content Creation
Based on the layout templates we create for you, we develop very consistent content. This can either come from you, or from our specialists' research, on your request.

Image Processing
We have very experienced graphic designers, having received certifications and awards. We can take care of all the phases of graphic development, starting with scanning your pictures and brochures or taking photos with hi-fi cameras. Our digital processing is based on Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw, but if needed we go also to 3D modeling and rendering software. Our graphics are optimized for the Web, guaranteeing the fastest download times.

silhouette international can help you set up an efficient, highly effective e-commerce site. Our people's skills includes a thorough understanding of direct response copy writing, sales-directed graphic design, real time credit card processing, and long experience in building online shops.

Database Systems
Ready to put your Web site to work for you? Whether it's a shopping system, membership system, Intranet, Extranet, classifieds database, or self-publishing system,
silhouette international can deliver the very best in database technologies available today. We build industrial strength web-based database systems which can make your company the online leader. As a Microsoft technology house, we offer the best in Windows NT Server, MS SQL Server, MS Active Server Page, ActiveX, DHTML, and MS Visual Basic development. This broad range of technical skills means that if you can envision it, chances are we can build it.

Adding sound and motion to your Web site can greatly enhance its impact. At
silhouette international, our services include the very latest in multimedia enhancements, including GIF and Flash/Shockwave animations, Real Audio sound bites, and even streaming video. Done properly (i.e., avoiding long load times), these improvements can turn dull, static sites into fast moving, attention-grabbing Online attractions.

Search Engines Optimization & Registration
A strong Site Optimization Program can increase your monthly hits by as much as 40% or more. At
silhouette international, we know the ins and outs of submitting your site for the highest possible rankings in the major search engines. Site optimization is an ongoing need - what ranks high this month may disappear next month. Through our multi-month Site Optimization Program, our goals on your behalf are high rankings initially, followed by constantly improving, constantly growing traffic counts month after month.

Website Maintenance
Whether your Web Presence was created by us or another design center, we offer full site maintenance. Web page maintenance includes, but is not limited to: text updates, image updates, page optimization, and, most important in keeping your site competitive, new features every day!

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